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4 Scientific Mysteries everyone should now about

Here we present to you 4 mysteries - not the mumbo jumbo of alien invasion, pyramid conspiracy or the American government being run by...

90% of People makes these mistakes in English. Are you one of them ?

These mistakes are made by non-native speakers. You may not notice these errors immediately, but trained ears will. Mistake 1: Overuse of the Present Continuous Incorrect:...

Himalayan Pink Salt is a Scam including its name

Himalayan pink salt is a salt obtained from ancient sea salt deposits that originated in the Himalayas of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,...

Harvested from Poop, this coffee costs a bomb

Indonesian coffee producers have maintained for generations that their Kopi-Luwak method is one of the best tasting coffees in the world, boasting of its...

This cheese is eaten with Worms

Casu Marzu (literally "rotten cheese") is far more than a culinary curiosity and one of the most popular cheeses on the market, it is...

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