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Harvested from Poop, this coffee costs a bomb


Indonesian coffee producers have maintained for generations that their Kopi-Luwak method is one of the best tasting coffees in the world, boasting of its high quality, high caffeine content and high content of antioxidants.

What is Kopi Luwak It is a way of processing rather than a type of coffee and is often described as the most expensive coffee in the world, with retail prices reaching US$ 700 ( INR 52,000 per kilos).

Now about the unique poop process , I mean the process.

Kopi Luwak processed by the Indonesian Cvet ( Hence the name Civet coffee too) , the Civets eat the coffe cherry with the bean, during digestion the beans become less acidic which finally gives them the taste for which they are known. Finally it is umm excreted from their body since beans are not digestible and the bounty is picked. Beans are picked from the …. poop (or the excreta if you may please) and sold for a price fit for a king.

How does it taste ? Its aroma is rich and powerful, its taste is strong, fresh and earthy, and the coffee is incredibly full – full-bodied and almost syrupy, but 80% to 95% of all Kopi Luwak is counterfeit. So if you have a craving for this one of a kind coffee, make sure to procure it from the right source.

Excreat enriched with Kopi Luwak



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