4 Scientific Mysteries everyone should now about

Here we present to you 4 mysteries – not the mumbo jumbo of alien invasion, pyramid conspiracy or the American government being run by illuminates), but the real scientific mysteries

Mystery # 1 Magical Mystery of Homeopathy: A Quackery that works

Consider this – A medicine that is diluted to a point where scientifically it’s impossible to hold any of the medicinal molecules, seems to work!  What’s even stranger – the more diluted it is, the more effective it’s supposed to be.

That’s Homeopathy for you- Call it Quackery, pseudoscience, or magic but you can’t dismiss it.

The very basic philosophy of homeopathy is the doctrine of similia similibus curentur –  A disease can be cured using a substance that causes symptoms similar to that disease in healthy people.  Add to that the extreme dilutions of a substance – by extreme we mean dilution to an extent where the diluted substance would cease to exist in the diluted solution at an atomic level, and the more diluted the solution is, the more therapeutic it’s supposed to be.

This has to be a scam, right. Except that it works. And yes, it’s not just the placebo effect at work, it works better than the placebo so something is actually happening.

Now you know about it, go make your own conspiracy theories about it.

Mystery #2 Placebo – The power of suggestion works beyond Psychology

You know placebo. The sugar pills if you will. Give a patient a sugar pill, tell them it’s an expensive medicine that has shown great results in trials, and it works like real medicine. All the more if the patient trusts the brand and the doctor recommending it.

Now, placebo is dismissed as a psychological phenomenon – your mind playing tricks on you. But then there is this experiment that proves otherwise.

A patient is given morphine injection for 5 days and on the sixth day, you give only saline solution. The patient feels the pain-killing effects of Morphine.  Wait, there is more. A Chemical test shows that there is real morphine being synthesize in the brain- the same chemical composition so it’s not just that the patient feels this way psychologically, it’s the brain turning to a factory of a substance that it wants you to feel the effect of.  Pretty weird if you ask me.

Mystery #3 Quantum Entanglement Spooked even einstein

Oversimplifying – Quantum entanglement is 2 entangled Quantum particles who are so entangled that by know the state of one particle, you would know the state of the other particle. And by changing the state of one, INSTANTLY the state of other is changed.

Ok, more simplification – take 2 particles entangled in state A.  Send one particle to the farthest corner of the universe, keeping the other particle with you.  Now change the state of particle you have to B. Immediately, the state of the other farther particle would have to change to B, immediately, faster than the speed of light.  Possible, impossible, science fiction?  well, research on the internet but be prepared to read long articles.

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